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Over the years of our operations, our team of experts developed dozens of projects of various difficulty. Among those completed projects were:

Automation of banking and financial enterprises:

Cryptographic information protection system:

Automation of enterprise's technological processes:

Automated Banking System «BIS GRANT»

Automated Banking System «BIS GRANT» is an integrated system intended for maintenance of a full work cycle of a modern Ukrainian commercial bank.

Industrial decisions widely applied in a world practice of construction of information systems of a similar class are incorporated in the basis of «BIS GRANT», such as:

— Use of industrial «Oracle»;

— Use of multilevel architecture «client — server»;

— Complex approach to the problem of maintenance of information protection;

— Reliability of storage and consistency of information;

— Openness and adjustability of the System;

— Possibility of scaling of the System over a wide range.

Payment System «IPS GRANT»

Inter-bank Payment System IPS «GRANT» is intended for performance of payments in the national currency of Ukraine between the head bank and its branches as well as payments in the System of Electronic Payments of the National Bank of Ukraine between the head bank and its branches.

IPS «GRANT» provides the realization of the following functions:

—Processing of payment documents:

  • Reception from branches of files of initial payments and their sorting between intra-system and external;
  • Control of initial payments of System of Electronic Payments (SEP), formation and sending of files of initial payments to National Bank of Ukraine;
  • Reception of files of reciprocal payments from National Bank of Ukraine;
  • Sending of files of reciprocal payments to branches.

—Information protection:

  • Imposing/checking of digital electronic signature (DES) on all files and payment documents processable in IPS ( 34.310-95, 34.311-95);
  • Encrypting of information sent and received in IPS ( 28147-98).

—Management of branches — participants of IPS:

  • Installation of limits on corresponding accounts of branches in IPS;
  • Blocking of initial and reciprocal payments of branches;
  • Conducting archives of payment documents and files;

—Interaction with information retrieval system (IRS) of the National Bank of Ukraine as well as work of the internal IRS.

Bank System «Pegas»

Programming complex (PC) «Pegas» is one of the elements of the system of remote bank service and is intended for granting the client the ability to manage the accounts of its enterprise in an off-line mode and controlling their condition.

PC «Pegas» supports processing of the following payment documents:

— Payments assigned in national currency;

— Payments assigned in foreign currency;

— Request for purchasing foreign currency;

— Request for selling foreign currency;

— Foreign currency transfer to another bank.

There is a possibility of formation of adjustable set of target documents periodically and/or under the request of the client. The means of encryption built in the subsystem and electronic signature guarantee reliability and confidentiality of transmitted information.

The client part of the subsystem offers a possibility of working of several bank clients from one workplace and working in the network, conducting directories, interchanging information with the enterprise automation system and accounting programs of 1C type.

Automated Card System ACS «ARGUS»

Automated card system ACS «ARGUS» for commercial bank — member of National System of Mass Electronic Payments (NSMEP), developed under the contract with National Bank of Ukraine according to the technical project of IT Department of National Bank of Ukraine.

Cryptographic information protection system:

Cryptic Information Protection «Gryphon-B» software includes:

— The key system of information protection is presented by keys for formation/checking of electronic signature on the basis of asymmetric algorithm.

— Confidentiality of information which is being transferred via communication channels is provided by means of symmetric encryption on the basis of the algorithm of cryptographic transformation.

Automated System of Dispatch Enterprise Management

The purpose of the automated system of dispatch enterprise management is automation of operations of operational-dispatch personnel of the enterprise directed to increase reliability and efficiency of management of the technological process.

The System allows:

— to collect, process and present the operative information about operating modes and condition of controllable equipment using computers;

— to display operative information directly at the workplace of the dispatcher on duty or at any other workplace according to the given access rights;

— to carry out automatic control of measured parameters exceeding technological and emergency limits;

— to generate signals of emergency and precautionary signal systems;

— to raise efficiency of object management using functions of remote control;

— to automate the process of decision-making while managing the work cycle;

— to supervise the execution of the made decision;

— to graphically represent the current condition of technological schemes of production process;

— to document all events in the system and actions of the dispatch personnel;

— to supervise functioning and condition of communication channels, tele-mechanical equipment, technical equipment.

Automated system of control and management operates in a real-time mode.

The System is developed using Oracle database management system. The possibility to work with modern systems of control and management of equipment condition as well as with out-of-date tele-mechanical complexes, such as «Granite», -320 and such, is implemented.

Currently, one version of the automated system of dispatch management is implemented and being used in operative-dispatch system of Kharkov city electric networks. Control of more than 500,000 parameters in more than 3,000 objects (substations of different types) is being provided. Input of the primary information about object condition is carried out both automatically from tele-mechanic devices as well as manually by the dispatcher on duty. The System is designed for usage in the central dispatch office as well as any quantity of sub-oriented dispatch offices. Uniform informational space is provided for all parts of the System.

Informational compatibility of the System with already operating automation systems is provided. Joint operation with program complexes developed using GIS-technologies, electronic systems of document circulation and other systems is also possible.

Priority areas of application are energy-generating and energy-delivery companies, oil and gas companies, transportation enterprises, city municipal services.
The system allows adaptation for use in any industrial enterprise.